Fabric Specifications

*Different fabric bases will absorb ink differently, so expect some variation in colors between bases!
Fabric contents are listed as percentages of the components.  For example,
Cotton Spandex 95/5 is 95% cotton, 5% spandex.
Cotton Spandex 95/5, width 150cm, 240-260gsm
Light Weight Cotton Spandex 95/5, Width 150 CM, 220 gsm 
French Terry, Cotton Spandex 95/5, width 150cm, 260-280gsm
Bamboo Cotton Spandex French Terry 67/28/5, width 150 cm, 270-290 gsm
Bamboo Spandex 95/5, width 160cm, 230-250gsm
Swim Polyester Spandex 86/14 SPF 50+ width 155cm, 220-230gsm
Stretch Board Short 92% polyester, 8% Spandex 130 gsm
Stretch Cotton Woven 95/5 Cotton Spandex blend (this has a tiny 2 way stretch) width 150 cm 190-200 gsm
Cotton Woven Sateen 140cm, 130gsm
Poly Spandex Athletic Knit 85/15, 160cm, 280gsm
Poly Bullet 100% Polyester, 165cm, 230-240gsm
Stretch Minky 95/5 Polyester Spandex, 150cm, 290-300gsm
Double Sided Minky 100% polyester, 155cm, 300-320gsm
Plain Minky 100% polyester, 155cm, 270-290gsm
Cotton Canvas 100% Cotton 150cm, 200-220gsm
Cotton Muslin 100% Cotton
Double Brushed Poly 100% polyester, 150cm, 230gsm
Mini Waffle Knit 95/5, width 150 cm, 250-280 gsm